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Submission guidelines for Noice


There's no limit to the number of submissions you wish to send. Please always feel free to submit multiple times throughout the year.

  • Please provide your name, where you are from (city, state / country), your Instagram username and a brief overview of the series of photographs or illustrations when submitting. You can also submit individual images as well. 
  • Do not just submit your website link. Please have jpg files of the photos within the email in the formatting listed below.
  • All images must be sized at 1,500 pixels (long side) and at 300dpi in sRGB, JPG format.
  • Name your files as "firstname-lastname-number".
  • No PDF files, Dropbox or WeTransfer links
  • Send all submissions to

noice magazine / standard vision LA artist feature series

Excited to be working with Standard Vision in LA, which hosts a large television billboard on the Courtyard Marriott Hotel across from LA Live. It's four stories high and located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles which is seen by 20,000 people every day. We've selected a number of photographers and artists that we have featured in the past to be a part of this NOICE Feature with SVLA, which we will continue to do throughout the year. Submit your work to get a chance to be shown on the SVLA screen.