"Rabbit" by Mariëlle Gebben

My name is Mariëlle Gebben. I live and work from Groningen, the Netherlands. I have a master's degree in Art and Art Policy and graduated cum laude last May at the Amsterdam Photo Academy. 

The project I am constantly working on is called Rabbit. 

I bring you The Flux. As an explorer, I try to push the boundaries of the mind. Physically I am in the here and now, mentally I move straight through time and matter. My artworks are abstractions of an imaginary reality. I find inspiration in nature, stories of creation, astronomy and particle physics.

And this all started with a rabbit. 

Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 1_3_FRAGILE_FRAGMENT.jpg

Rabbit is my cuddly rabbit, which I got when I was one day old. She is a symbol of childlike fantasy. Currently, she acts as the god of imaginary reality and as the expedition leader. The first chapter of Rabbit concerns the emergence of imaginary reality The Flux. To this end, I have rewritten the first chapter of the Bible (Genesis) and had my brain scanned in order to get a picture of my cerebrospinal fluid. I play with the question of what is true. With a scientific version of the origins of the planet as with faith. What is true and what can I make you believe? I think it's great to play with fantasy, so that I, but also with the viewer, keep on stirring it up. 

All my images are created in my studio. I work with paper, ink, paint, water, glass, and light. I rebuild in my studio what I saw on my mental voyages of discovery with my rabbit and make a picture of it. 

I am currently working on chapter 2. In chapter 2 I go even deeper into The Flux with my rabbit. We investigate whether there are borders and laws in The Flux and we look for life. 

Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 1_5_EXPANSION BEYOND THE STARS.jpg
Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 2_1.jpg
Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 1_11_ONLY TO SEE WITH THE NAKED EYE.jpg
Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 1_7_OCEANS OF SPINAL FLUID.jpg
Mariëlle_Gebben_Rabbit 1_9_FLEETING FANTASY.jpg