"I Can See Music" by Gunther Kleinert

Gunther Kleinert is a professional product and interior designer who lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He traveled to Devon, England, when he was 20 to learn the art of fine furniture and cabinet making. He then returned to Hamburg to gain a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Fine Arts in 2008.

He has 10 years of intense interdisciplinary experience in designing both products and interior spaces, as well as in conceptual thinking. Coming from a multi-faceted art university he always tries to approach projects in different ways and is on the constant lookout to explore other design and art related disciplines in self-initiated projects.

Gunther Kleinert_FINK_Warm Shadow_001.jpg

There is a combination of several areas of interest that created this project.

One was my fascination with “generative design”. This is where algorithms are used to create shapes and forms.

I am also a keen guitarist and music lover.  A long-term project of mine has been to use sound and music and attempt to visualize what can be heard and felt, but not seen by the eye. This resulted in some music generated patterns and graphics.

Gunther Kleinert_Keith Jarrett_The Kîln Concert part I_002.jpg
Gunther Kleinert_Keith Jarrett_The Kîln Concert part II c_003.jpg

To give them a more natural feel, I am using an old pen-plotter from the mid-1980s.

With this beautiful and old machine, I am able to draw the music generated patterns and artworks with commonly felt pens of my choice, as there is a certain beauty in drawings, and the look of a pencil and pen line on paper, which is inimitable by printing it on an inkjet or laser printer.

The Process

Firstly, I run a sound file through a code that reads and extracts certain parameters like frequency amplitude curves, beat, general dynamics etc.

Within the code, I set how these parameters are shown graphically and which impact they have on geometric shapes and lines.

After that, I convert the output so it is printable with the plotter and set the color, always leaving a bit of room for variance and for changing colors during the plotting process.

Gunther Kleinert_Neil Young_Harvest Moon_001.jpg
Gunther Kleinert_Rolling Stones_Gimme Shelter_002.jpg
Gunther Kleinert_Keith Jarrett_The Kîln Concert part I_001.jpg