"A Poster Every Day" by Edwin Capalla

My name is Edwin Carl Capalla a graphic designer based in a little island here in the Philippines called Iloilo. I initially started taking interest in design with websites seeing them as canvases which people can interact, but as pursuing that career I started to steer into the logo design a world where I belonged. It was easy enough that you can make multiple logos in a day but challenging enough to create something unique. One day I visited Instagram and got inspired by "Vasjen Kastro's" work called "Baugasm" and seeing that I was starting to feel like I lack the skills to be called a graphic designer I challenged myself in creating my own series called "A poster every day"

"A poster every day" explores my daily explorations and techniques I have been practicing in order to get better as a graphic designer. I mostly only use the default tools in photoshop and illustrator since I believe that graphic design should be easy that anyone can do and should be shared among other people. That is why I'd love to answer people asking how I did this or that poster and nothing more. Each poster reflects the emotions and inspirations that I feel or see on that day. It could be the view of our city from the rooftop of a building, the view of the river while the sun slowly descends in the background, or it can be sitting on the sidewalk and taking in all the sounds that happen around you. A day for me usually is waking up in the morning, getting a cup of coffee then go to school and whatever may happen after that I take that as inspiration for my next poster.

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