Music Video: "Departure" by Marigold

Happy to be premiering another music video for our good friend Ben who plays in a music project by the name of “Marigold”.

So I shot the video on a Super 8 and basically documented my move to NYC. I paired it to the first song from my last record called “Departure” which was the opening to the story of the album basically laying out the framework/characters/etc. A boy from a small town makes a jump to move to a big city and escape the confines of small-mindedness, social class borders, religion, etc.
— Ben Lieber

The song comes from an earlier self-titled release, “Marigold”, which came out in April of 2018. Be sure to check out the music video and interview for “Grey As The Sky” on our website which we premiered as well.

You can stream Marigold on Spotify and find more about them on their website.

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