Feature: Colin Czerwinski

Music, travel and photography: the three things that make up my life. It's been a hell of a journey in terms of refining my vision for my art; both musically and for my photography. One of the things (among many others) that I've learned is that travel is the gateway to opening the mind, letting in creativity and feeding the imagination. As a musician, I get to travel a lot and see many new places, meet new friends and play with some amazing bands. However, the only downfall to being on tour and photographing is that you don't have much time to be in once place too long, resulting in having to be quick, spontaneous and ready for anything. I suppose this is why I love street photography so much because scenes start to emerge on their own right before your eyes. It's all humorous and poetic.  

Life is a living, evolving drama that introduces more complexity over time. The mind has an ever growing appetition for beauty and it's up to us -  the artists - to capture, paint, draw, and animate these moments that the mind wants to make manifest into the dimension of reality. 

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