Abstract Paper Collages by Colette Vermeulen

These series of analogue paper collages started during an Artist residency at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright school of Architecture in Arizona. During a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, Colette (originally from the Netherlands) was struck by the wide American landscapes, and started sketching sunsets with coloured paper cutouts.  Her stay at the art residency, part of a three month trip, gave her the opportunity to experiment, explore and deepen her urge to express natural settings in a geometric, abstract and colorful way. Being back in Berlin were she lives now, the handcut collages have been growing bigger, even up to 2,5 meters wide. ‘It is as if I wanted to take those big american sunsets with me, no photo does them justice, the way it makes you feel when you’re standing there observing the sun go down, being dissolved into the landscape. I want to create images that are not restricted by a rectangular frame, eliminate superfluous aspects and free the images of the sense of perspective’.

Being a former fashion designer, paper collages have proven to be a great medium for Colette, allowing her a spontaneous, direct and instinctual expression of ideas. Dissecting all of the elements of the landscape and organizing and framing them into a new image is a transaction of the real world into her interior experience.