Color Blue Submissions

In our earlier issues, we have done color themed issues and we’re looking to bring it back.

Submit your work that has any sort of Blue in it. Doesn’t have to be the main color of the photo. It could be subtle. Remember that book/game, Find Waldo? Same concept here. View some examples below from Issue 003 for some guidance. We’re excited to see your submissions.

  • Submission fee is $10 for 10 images. This fee covers our review staff and web hosting costs. By submitting, you will also receive a free gift in the mail from us. You’ll be able to provide your address at the end of the submission process.

  • The width of the image(s), from left to right, regardless of the format being landscape or portrait, needs to be 1000px at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format. If the work is accepted, we will email you to request a higher resolution file for print.

  • Name your files as "firstname-lastname-number".